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Making your day unforgettable!

Making your day unforgettable!

Making your day unforgettable!Making your day unforgettable!Making your day unforgettable!

Our Clients speak their testimonials

"The Dynamic Duo of weddings!
Paul Calabria (wedding officiant) took the time to listen to our story, where we have been and most importantly where we are going. He got to know us a couple and as friends. Paul customized our ceremony that best suited us. He was soooo easy to work with and kept us calm and laughing throughout our special day. We are forever grateful to have these two guide us along as we ventured on together as one.
Liz Calabria (Day of Wedding Coordinator) Liz has got to be the sweetest person and most confident person I have met to make sure our day goes as smooth as possible. I can’t even begin to wonder the amount of things that she probably did to “make right” without anyone noticing. Thank you Liz and Paul your two will be forever in our memories!"

~Steph & Ricky Lumibao


I do not know what we would have done without Liz and Paul! My husband and I hired this amazing duo as our "day of coordinators" and they were power houses! I really wish we brought Paul in sooner. Up until that point my husband was essentially planning our entire wedding. As soon as Paul came on board, all the stress and the mountain of questions like "does the florist or the table rental company do this?" melted away. Liz and Paul took the time to meet our vendors and really understand the vision my husband and I had for our wedding day. Paul work quickly and confidently to ensure all our vendors were taken care of, guests were seated, and all those little extras that go along with a wedding got taken care of. I can not recommend them enough!

~Nick & Nichole Pfenningwerth

If you're looking for someone to help you make your special day truly an amazing day ... look no further ... Paul and Liz ARE the dynamic duo and then some. I have known Paul and Liz for almost 25 years -- so when it came time to plan our Wedding Day ... I knew who to turn too. We hired them as our Wedding Planners & Same Day Wedding Coordinators. They helped us select vendors, sort out details and made what most people find to be a daunting process -- FUN! They met with us ...several times, answered endless questions and were so helpful and pleasant from start to finish. We never had a moment of worry or stress ... it was a perfect day and more!! They developed a detailed timeline and contacted all of our vendors. By the time the wedding came around it was like Paul & Liz knew all the vendors by name. I found out several weeks after the wedding that there was a problem with our tent. But it was all taken care of without my husband and I ever knowing! Paul was also our Justice of the Peace. The ceremony was beautiful and far beyond our expectations. These two are without a doubt THE BEST!!!

~Trisha & Doug