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Making your day unforgettable!

Making your day unforgettable!

Making your day unforgettable!Making your day unforgettable!Making your day unforgettable!

About Us

Paul Calabria

Justice of the Peace, 
Wedding Coordinator,

Paul Calabria, Justice of the Peace brings over 15 years of experience and more than 200 weddings officiated.  Paul works together with couples to customize a ceremony that is unique and memorable.  Paul's detail-oriented approach to creating and coordinating your wedding timeline provides each couple with the ability to design a wedding that is unforgettable.

Liz Calabria

Justice of the Peace, 
Wedding Coordinator, 
Dance Instructor

Liz Calabria brings of 25 years of experience in event planning.  Her enthusiasm for art and design is what inspires her to help each couple create the event they have envisioned.  
As a Justice of the Peace, Liz is devoted to designing a wedding ceremony that is personal and unique.  Her calm demeanor allows the couple to focus on the moments created as they exchange their vows.

Tom Kershaw


Justice of the Peace

Tom has spent 5 years working in wedding photography, developing an appreciation of each wedding down to the smallest detail.
As a Justice of the Peace, Tom brings that attention to detail to your ceremony. Wether it be a simple service or something more creative and elaborate, Tom will work with you to plan a memorable celebration.

Jennifer Bean

Justice of the Peace

Jennifer has spent many years with the journey of love, whether it be attending weddings, traveling the world to see what love means to many different cultures and people or share the love between friends and partners. She has officiated a handful of weddings and is looking forward to many more. She would be happy to help guide you through the ceremony with words of wisdom, wit and connection and help define what love means to you and yours. Here’s to many years to come!

Brandi L. Warren Keeler

Wedding Coordinator

Brandi brings over 15 years of event coordination and hospitality experience to the team.   Her dedication to detail, organization, and creative time management skills ensures she delivers a successful signature event for the couple and their guests.  As she attends to the personalization of your day, it is her privilege to be part of the memories and energy surrounding these most memorable of life occasions.